Davey Powermaster ECO 3 Speed Pump

Ideal for swimming pool applications such as filtration, automatic pool cleaning, backwashing, water features, spa jet operation, solar pool heating and gas and heat pump pool heating, the PowerMaster ECO, designed to filter and circulate pool water, is the energy efficient choice.

With variable speeds for different applications, the PowerMaster ECO pool pump allows you to switch and program speeds between ECO flow for pool filtration (lowest speed for best energy efficiency), mid flow for pool cleaning and high flow for all other pool applications.


Features Include:

Programmable intelligence for fully programmable speed options; maximising efficiency and performance lower noise levels, with a quiet 60.5db (conversation level), allowing you to run your pump any time of the day or night extra-large leaf basket with an easy to remove, transparent lid.

The PMECO, 8-star 3 speed pump is known around the world for its low emissions and even lower energy usage, with savings up to 70% on running costs (running your pump at low speed uses less energy to turn over the same amount of pool water).

PMECO2 is also available with 6-star rating and 2 speed motor. Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.

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