Lincoln LSC25 Self-Cleaning Chlorinator


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The Lincoln chlorinator range has an extra-large cell and a lower current density. This means less load per cm2 of cell plate, reulting in the cell lasting up to 25% longer.


Features Include:

  • Easy to use menu
  • High salt/mineral indicator
  • Smart micro-computer controller system
  • Precision adjustment of chlorine output to 1%
  • Back-lit digital LCD display
  • Auto-pilot mode so you can sit back and relax Intuitive navigation buttons
  • Automatic power reduction when salt or mineral level is too high
  • Automatic self cleaning on all models
  • Run dry pump protection
  • Water temperature reading
  • Salt/mineral level test function
  • Super chlorinate mode for high use periods
  • Backwash function for sand filters
  • Spa mode setting: automatically resets chlorine output to 10%
  • Super capacitor backup on timer (no batteries to replace)
  • Cell can be installed in either vertical or horizontal position
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 45 × 10 × 30 cm
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